50 Things To Do

50 Things for Every Child to Experience

We have created a list of 50 things for every child to experience before they leave primary school. This list is designed to allow all our children at Garfield to enjoy a wealth of culture and experiences to go out into the world with the joy and confidence they will require to be a success in their future lives.

We want them to develop an appreciation for the world around them so that they will be inspired to protect our precious planet. We want them to appreciate the importance of democracy and understand how decisions are made so that they too can have a say in shaping their world. And even though, in many cases, the jobs of the future have not even been invented yet, the skills required to do them successfully are very clear – teamwork, problem solving, listening and communicating.

We hope our children will benefit from these experiences multiple times – at home and in school – as they progress in their education at Garfield Primary School. The will begin their journey in nursery and continue with these cultural experiences until their time at Garfield comes to an end in Year 6.

And who knows, we might even add more adventures to your child’s list.