British Values

British Values at Garfield

Our school is committed to actively promoting British values to ensure that our pupils leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain.
The government emphasises that all schools should ensure that they teach pupils about British values of:

• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect
• Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We take every opportunity to promote these values, and to ensure our pupils:

• Understand the democratic process and how citizens can have a say in decision making.
• Recognise the advantages of living under the rule of law and how law is essential for a safe society.
• Understand that there is a separation of power between the executive and the judiciary and why it exists.
• Understand that the freedom to hold varying faiths and beliefs, including no religious faith, is protected in law, and that it is vital to accept people who have different faiths and beliefs without discriminating against them in any way.
• Value the importance of identifying and combatting extremism.

We promote British values both within and beyond the classroom and these values are at the heart of our ethos. Here are just some of the ways our school seeks to embed the teaching of British values.

Each month, we celebrate one of our Garfield values and each time we hold an assembly to demonstrate how the value ties in with our five British Values.

Children learn about our school parliament and take part in elections each year. They learn that being part of a school parliament allows children to be part of the decision making process at school just like in the world outside school.

In PSHE and RHE lessons, children learn about the rule of law and how society is governed.

Children learn about the people who look after us in society.

We discuss right from wrong every day in school when things go wrong and stress the importance of following the rules.

The police visit children to talk about doing the right thing in society and each year, our Year 6 children take part in ‘Young citizens’ with Enfield Police before they move on to secondary school.

The importance of individual freedom is taught in school through the histories we learn about, the stories we read and the lives of famous people that inspire us.

We encourage our children to think for themselves at all times.

We teach our children that it is through learning and becoming the best students, we can be that we will have more freedom to choose the lives we want to lead through great opportunities post secondary school.

Our RE curricula promote tolerance and respect of other religions.

Our three golden rules at school are ‘Ready to learn, Show respect, Kind to everyone.’

As a multi-ethnic, diverse school, we celebrate our diversity at all times and teach respect and tolerance every day.