Computing at Garfield

Pupils at Garfield are extremely lucky to have access to a computer suite, children also have access to different devices in their own classrooms too. The ICT suite is well equipped with 30 computers, all with their own set of headphones too! It is important to us that each pupil has their own computer during a lesson. All pupils from years 1- 6 have a weekly ICT session with their class teacher and is also supported with the ICT Network Manager. There are also other opportunities to use the ICT suite during the week. As a school we are following and using Kapows Curriculum for Computing which covers all of the National Curriculum areas.

Children learning ICT with a computer
Children learning ICT with a computer

We have ran computing clubs which have consisted learning new skills on the Minecraft education.

Each pupil has their own computer space and their own username and password to use in lesson. They all have accessible links to websites that we use in cross curricular and computer curricular too.

We have a range of software that supports learning, with the main Office software being Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher), which is taught to KS1 and then Year 3 to 6 have their own Google Education email address, that they use to access the Google classroom platform to hand in work and to communicate with each other to aide their learning in school and at home. They also access Google applications on the cloud.

Every half term every pupil has an online safety lesson, which they learn about what not to access, how to report and other areas of safety online.

In computing children from year 1 are now learning how to program applications from 2Simple program, Beebots and Bluebots, learning simple programming words for example, forward, backwards, left, right, start and stop.

KS2 are programming sprites on Scratch. Creating websites by learning the basics of HTML using Thimble. Programming robots on Lightbot. Designing, creating and programming 3D worlds using Kodu.