Homework at Garfield

Homework refers to tasks given to pupils by their teachers to be completed at home.

The homework that we give can vary significantly between younger and older pupils, including but not limited to home reading activities, spellings, maths work and longer projects from time to time. Studies have shown that homework has a positive impact on children’s learning. Research also shows that homework that is linked to classroom work tends to be more effective and that it is important to make the purpose of homework clear to pupils (e.g. to increase a specific area of knowledge, or to develop fluency in a particular area). It is also important not to overload children with homework. Therefore, we consider the quality of homework over the quantity.

In summary, we aim to do the following:

• use well-designed tasks that are linked to classroom learning
• clearly set out the aims of homework to pupils
• understand and address any barriers to completion, such as access to a learning device or resources
• explicitly teach independent learning strategies
• provide high-quality feedback where appropriate to improve pupil learning
• monitoring the impact of homework on pupil engagement, progress and attainment.