Maths at Garfield

At Garfield, it is our aim to inspire, encourage, support and challenge the learning of all children; especially in the mathematical world of numbers, measure, geometry and data. It is our belief, as maths is an integral part of the curriculum, to provide children with the best mathematical education. We aim to ensure that all pupils understand how maths plays an essential part of everyday life and to make sure they have confidently learnt the correct skills to apply their knowledge to solve a wide variety of tasks.

Each year, children’s mathematical knowledge is strengthened and developed through quality first teaching and using manipulatives to make the learning clear. In addition, teaching allows children to experience real life situations related to maths such as money and shopping, catching a train, telling the time, driving a car, purchasing a house and the use of statistics on computer programmes. We strive to make all maths learning accessible, inclusive and enjoyable for every pupil in our school.

It is vital that the needs of all of our pupils are met in order for them to access the National Curriculum, make good progression and to reach their maximum learning potentials. In order for this to happen, the use of concrete materials, the learning environment and scaffolds have an important role to play in allowing teachers to model or demonstrate representations of mathematical ideas, and in supporting children’s developing mathematical understanding and thinking. These are used to aid the teaching and learning in daily maths lessons, from EYFS up to Year 6.

To ensure that maths is appreciated and enjoyed at Garfield School, we arrange many maths related enrichment days and events. In the past year, these events have included a whole school Maths Day, Maths Competitions and breaking numerical World Records. These events are integral to raise the profile of maths in the school. Due to the success of these events, they will be repeated in the next academic year. In addition, a few years ago, successful yearly ‘Maths Story Weeks’ took place, where each year group planned and taught a weeks’ worth of maths lessons, based on a story related to maths. This linked closely to other subjects including: English, ICT, Art and Topic.

Furthermore, many classes and children participate in the Mega Mental Maths Challenge every half term, where all children are given a short arithmetic test to complete in a set period of time. Prizes and certificates are awarded to many of the children of whom participate.​