What is Phonics?

Phonics – Every Child Becomes a Reader

At Garfield Primary School, we believe that being able to read enables children to access the full curriculum.  When children enter Garfield Primary, they are greeted with a language rich environment which promotes a life-long love of reading.  We intend for all our children to read fluently with expression and develop secure comprehension skills.

In order for us to teach the skills of reading, children in Reception and Year One take part in daily phonics lessons. At Garfield Primary School, we follow the ‘All Aboard’ phonics programme. All Aboard Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) resource, designed to make teaching phonics easier, more engaging and consistently successful.

Phoneme Voicing and Actions

Learn how to voice the different sounds correctly. This will make the skill of blending so much easier for your child. You can also learn the corresponding actions for each pictophone to help prompt your child with a visual clue to the sound!

Phonics screening check

Towards the end of Year 1, pupils take part in a phonics screening check. The phonics screening check has been introduced by the Department of Education to check the phonics knowledge of children across the country.