Religious Education at Garfield

The principal aim of teaching RE at Garfield Primary School is to explore big questions about life, in order to find out what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that pupils can make sense of religion and worldviews, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living.

As we live in a diverse society, we consider Religious Education as a core subject in our curriculum to develop a greater understanding and tolerance towards each other. Children of all faiths and none explore the similarities and differences of worldviews and religions, learn about their origins rooted in world history, asking questions, making links and drawing comparisons from the content they learn or investigate.

We want children to develop enquiring minds, and to think rigorously, creatively, imaginatively and respectfully about their ideas in relation to religion and worldviews.

RE Curriculum

Our RE curriculum is taken from the Enfield SACRE for Key Stage 1 and Early Years. It is structured around six areas of enquiry, and ensures there is good coverage of skills, attitudes and of religious and non-religious worldviews.

Our Key Stage 2 curriculum is from the HEP Humanities or Opening Worlds curriculum. It is a highly sequenced, coherent, knowledge-rich humanities programme for teaching history, geography and religion in Years 3 to 6. It is compatible with the objectives of most SACRE locally agreed syllabuses in RE but substantially exceeds the knowledge-base that such local RE syllabuses offer. The programme is characterised by strong vertical sequencing within subjects (so that pupils gain security in a rich, broad vocabulary through systematic introduction, sustained practice and deliberate revisiting) and by intricate horizontal and diagonal connections, thus creating a curriculum whose effects are far greater than the sum of their parts.

At Garfield, children learn about Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism through a range of exciting teaching activities. Their education is clearly sequenced so that learning is built upon from previous knowledge and powerful vocabulary is acquired in every lesson along the way.

RE lessons will often include circle time, critical thinking, learning from first-hand experience, such as having visitors in to discuss their religion or visiting different places of worship.

The Impact of our Religious Education Curriculum at Garfield Primary School is to ensure that all pupils in our school are educated to develop spiritually, academically, emotionally and morally to enable them to understand themselves and others and to cope with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing, multicultural world.

Regular assemblies and celebrations of work taught and learned during each year group will help to celebrate the diversity of the school community and promote positive images of people in the wider community, including their beliefs, traditions, culture, language and history.

Our curriculum will lead children to become well-rounded individuals who are tolerant of all faiths by understanding the rich histories of the different faiths and understanding the shared roots and goals of all our world’s religions. So come and explore RE with us.