Reading at Garfield

Reading is very important at Garfield. We work hard to foster a life long love of reading. We want our pupils to read for pleasure and to learn the necessary skills in reading that will help them in everyday life and prepare them for secondary school and in the world of work.

Garfield pupils have access to both their class library and a well-stocked school library. Pupils have daily opportunities to read and improve their reading skills.

This is done through lessons in phonics, guided reading and Literacy lessons. Pupils have regular access also to Bug Club (an on-line reading programme) and can read ‘real’ books and books and text via computers, Kindles and IPads.

Daily reading is seen as essential at Garfield.

At Garfield, we expect pupils to read at home daily, and for parents or carers to add a date, comment or signature to show that children have read.

Click here to see some examples of how you can comment in your child’s diary.

At Garfield, we believe that reading is a very important part of children’s learning. It is difficult for teachers to hear children read every day, therefore we expect children to read daily at home. This can be with parents, friends, siblings or other relatives. Children should have two or more books in their book bag. These books can be read several times. Whoever reads with your child can sign their reading record. Please see the ‘Reading Diaries’ section for examples of comments which could be used. The number of times your child reads at home is recorded on the class reading chart and prizes are awarded at the end of each half term.