Safeguarding Statement

Garfield Primary is committed to creating a happy and safe environment for our children to learn.

Child Protection

This is an important subject in which all staff receive regular training. Our priority is to work with you but there may be times when we have to involve other people. Everybody has a responsibility to keep all children under the age of 18 safe.

Harm is identified in four ways:

  • 1

    Physical – This is when a child is deliberately hurt or injured.

  • 2

    Sexual – This is when a child is influenced or forced to take part in a sexual activity. This can be a physical activity or non-physical, e.g. being forced to look at an inappropriate image.

  • 3

    Emotional – This is when a child is made to feel frightened worthless or unloved. It can be by shouting, using threats or making fun of someone. It can also be when children see their parents, or visitors to the home, fighting or using violence.

  • 4

    Neglect – This is when a child is not being taken care of by their parents. It can be poor hygiene, poor diet , not keeping appointments for additional support, not coming to school or being left home alone.