Vision & Values

Garfield is a place where everyone can thrive and excel

We believe in nurturing the unique talents and abilities of each pupil, providing them with a supportive environment where they can explore, innovate, and achieve their full potential.

Our commitment to excellent learning extends beyond the boundaries of education, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and personal growth and emphasising the holistic development of pupils by promoting physical, emotional, social, and ethical well-being.

We offer a rich and diverse curriculum that is both challenging and engaging, designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for knowledge and learning.

We foster a sense of global citizenship, equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills, and values to become compassionate, responsible, and culturally aware members of society.

Learning at Garfield is not just for pupils – we are committed to the professional growth and development of all our staff, so we strive to cultivate a culture of collaboration and shared learning among adults, encouraging open communication, teamwork, and the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Together, as a vibrant learning community, we are committed to inspiring excellence, fostering growth, and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values